• We Make Brands,
    Bands & Fans Look Good


  • We Make Brands,
    Bands & Fans Look Good


  • We Make Brands,
    Bands & Fans Look Good


We are not normal. Call us strange. Call us weirdoes. Call us freaks. We’ll take it. We’d rather be ANYTHING but normal. Take your definition of a merch company and go ahead and toss that thing out the window. Give it to your dog to chew on. Burn it in a paper bag on your enemy’s doorstep, because most of those definitions stink.

We do things differently here. We’re not some big corporation whose major priority is to make money off of you. Our priority is to make you look GOOD! Real good. And do it all while looking mighty fresh ourselves. We make YOU the priority, not us. We’re a one stop shop that takes care of you as if you were our own flesh and blood.

Are you an artist who wants to make some mind blowing merchandise for your fans? BOOM! You’ve come to the right place. Do you run a business and need your employees to look rockin’ but sophisticated at the same time? YUP! We can do that with our eyes closed. You call us and we listen, we advise, and we take care of business.

Barry Manilow
Chaka Khan
Carole King
Michael Lington
Native Foods
Beverly Hills
Holland America
Pizza Studio
Service Brewing


  • We have been able to meet all of our deadlines (some VERY short) with STILETTO’s assistance and developed relationships. Their work, on our behalf, has been a great benefit to the brewery’s bottom line and image. This was our first entry into the development of marketing merchandise and we had no idea what would work and what quantities and sizes to predict. Their guidance on vendors, style, sizing and quantity probably saved us a lot of money and from being left with a bunch of unused inventory.

    Kevin Ryan, CEO, Service Brewing Co.

  • We have been working with STILETTO since 2007, and our experience with them has been nothing but excellent! They truly are a one-stop shop for all of our merchandising need - from concept to production to online sales and fulfillment. Stiletto really understands not only the importance of world-class quality, but also pays close attention to the personality of their client and how it relates to the client's market and audience. In our case, they have captured the vibe of legendary artist Chaka Khan and leveraged her brand accordingly. Chris Walters and his team at Stiletto are always quick to respond to our requests and needs with friendly professionalism. They are a pleasure to work with and we highly endorse their services.

    Isul Kim, Chaka Khan Enterprises

  • “YES!! STILETTO! I have loved working with them from the very start! They are a fun, creative and talented company who are always there to give us unique and high quality merchandise which is important for our brand. On top of competitive prices, they always seem to find a way to get products with a quick turnaround.”

    Beverly Hills Conference and Visitors Bureau